Our Programs

The Gotel Initiative is focused in the Gotel Mountain region of eastern Nigeria. Its roots are in caring for the HIV community. Demonstrating Jesus love has allowed several programs to develop that serve the community.

These Programs guide how we will reach our community and provide a roadmap for the future. Along with each project is listed the current status. We also have about 85 Nigerian staff involved in these Programs.

Today the projects of the Gotel Initiative are:


We are asking God for 65% of the least-reached people groups having at least 5% of their population following Christ and gathered into Disciple-Making Communities.

Quick Facts

  • Today Nigeria is the 7th largest nation in the world, by 2050 it is projected to be the 3rd largest.
  • There are 251 least-reached people groups living in Nigeria.
  • The Gotel Mountains cover eastern Nigeria and extend into western Cameroon.
  • There are 10 least-reached people groups living in the Gotel region¬†learn more…


What can YOU do?